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Mouche has been our dream for what feels like an eternity. We dreamed of creating a place that would allow us to express our creativities and tastes in a unique way. A place that embodies our untamed ideas about everything that belongs to the concept of ‘home’. A place where authenticity is not forgotten. A place where we would let our foolish fantasies run amok and where we would challenge ourselves every day never to grow old.

At the Apartment by Mouche, we want to share our dream with you. We have labored to make our dream a reality that others can emulate. We are here to help your aspirations flourish. As designers and curators of art, décor, fashion and interiors, we want you to share our passion for creating a home from imagination and fantasy. Everything you see in the Apartment can be purchased – the furnishings, the clothes, the lights, the wallpaper, even the Apartment itself. But we aim to offer something else, something that resonates with the dream we feel in our hearts. Something that words alone cannot do justice, as it must be experienced.